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Scott White Fitness Training expert, strength and conditioning trainer arizona


Scott White is Arizona's Personal Trainer, one of the most qualified trainers world wide.  Scott White has trained Professional Athletes and Actors.  He has Trained Olympic medalist winners as well as many other's to achieve there goals. He has clients who have lost 100lbs + lbs, and trained female fitness models to look there best. You want results than call today!

Specialties: Fat Loss (Tight Lean body), Sports Performance, Educator to Trainers, Nutrition

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personal trainer phoenix arizona, james coppotelli is a great fitness trainer in mesa, phoenix, scottsdale, tempe, arizona


James Coppotelli is a Trainer with great insight in nutrition and can really push you to the edge.  James has study under one of the best trainers and has learned functional training, core stability, and does amazing work with people who want to lose weight.  James is a huge fan of the biggest loser and he knows how to inspire you to get your but kicked and drop inches just like on the show.  You may feel sluggish and low energy and not feel like working out and James is great at getting to feel great and motivating you to get great results. He truly cares and is patient and ensure's all clients achieve success with his caring attitute towards your health, fitness, and wellbeng.

Specialties: Fat Loss, Baseball Training, , Biggest Loser, Sports Performance

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Angel Ball: Angel is one of our top youth and sports performance trainers. Angels energy and personality will inspire you to reach high levels of fitness and athletics. He really takes his time giving you his all and focusing that you get the best results when it comes to jumping higher, running faster, dunking a basketball, or loseing lbs off your waistline. Angel is a real professional and a inspiration with his energy.

Specialities : Sports Performance, High Intesity Training, Fat Loss, Youth Fitness, Bootcamp

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Vince Comerford : IFBB Pro Bodybuildiner, ISSA Master Personal Trainer/Nutritionist. Vince Comeford has been involved in the “Fitness Industry” for over 20+years! The foundation of his expertise is in  competitive BodyBuilding { 1985-1995 } ie., I’m a former Mr.USA., Mr.America., Men’s National Body Building Champion., IFBB Professional Body Builder. Vince Comerford feels blessed finding success in both National International / Amateur Professional Body Building Competitions. Vince Comerford has helped non bodybuilders achieve some amazing results in  “Fat” Loss, building Muscle.  Vince specializes in carefully planning and designing very customized and specific exercise; cardiovascular and nutrition programs as well as focuses on getting to get you to have a positive Body Image about yourself. Vince is Extremely passionate and makes”Fitness Personal/ Professional Training to not only be his job but his life. His commitment to establish a strong confident relationship with everyone he works with is important to helping people achieve their goals.  The establishing and building such confidence comes through the careful building of one’s positive self image.

Certifications: ISSA { International Sports Science Association } “Master in Fitness Science”, NSCA CSCS

Specialities : Fat Loss, Bodybuilding

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Location: Gilbert, Arizona


Personal Trainer in Gilbert Arizona | Personal Trainer in Tempe Arizona | Personal Trainer in South Scottsdale

Location: Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, South Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Peoria, Avondale, Arizona.

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Personal Trainer Arizona:

Personal Training Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek

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